10 years.
10 years have passed since the heretic known only as the tyrant slayer disappeared from the Calixus sector of Imperial space. In the time before his disappearance, he brought destruction and ruin to every world his tainted fingers touched.

The tyrant slayer, his motive’s are unknown; what drives him, why does he carve a path of destruction across the stars. Only the inquisition know the answer, and they remain deathly silent on the matter.
After 10 long years of waiting and hoping that the tyrant slayer and his band of traitors, hereteks, foul denizens of the warp and crazed heretics had been destroyed; We know know at least one thing.
The tyrant Slayer, Is far from dead, FAR from going quietly into the night; he has re-surfaced, and this time he threatens to bring the Calxius sector itself crashing down to its very foundations.
What we do know about the tyrant slayer and his motives are very little. as to know chaos is to know madness; but we know, Something of great import transpired aboard a captured Mars Class Battle cruiser that blasted its way out of the planet ‘Groves Fall’ some years earlier. This battle cruiser has since disappeared, until now.
The Battle cruiser has reappeared, A ghost ship. Empty, lifeless or so it would seem.

You and several other battle brothers have been dispatched to this ‘Ghost Ship’ to do what 6the imperial navy could not, Get aboard and discover the fate of those who dwelled within her hellish depths.

I am a monument to all your sins...