Adaric Fuegelin

Deathwatch Codicier Librarian Adaric Fuegelin of the Exorcists Chapter


Age: 226 Terran Standard
Duration of deathwatch tenure: PERMANENT; Elected to become a full member of the deathwatch, 70 standard years prior to current Imperial Date.
Astartes Chapter of Origin: Exorcists (Rites of battle, Advanced chapter creation)
Eye Colour:
EXP Rank: 6 (35,000 – 39,999)
Class: Librarian / Deathwatch Epistolary
Personal wargear of Note:
Master Crafted Force Sword ‘Aqurian’, Gifted to Fugelin on his ascension From Librarium Lexicanum to Deathwatch Codicier Around 62 Standard years ago By his mentor’s (DECEASED) Brother Codicier ++CLASSIFIED++ of the ++CLASSIFIED++ Astartes Chapter and Inquisitor ++CLASSIFIED++ of the ORDOS ++CLASSIFIED++ (CURRENT LOCATION UNKOWN; Last known working under official Inquisitorial ‘Special condition’).
Force Staff ‘Damnatios’ of unknown providence/Origin; Fuegelin has never let the weapon be examined by anyone outside his progenitor chapter. While the weapons origins remain unknown, it is known that the Force Staff was brought with him him when Fuegelin Joined the Deathwatch.


“I could turn you inside out with but a mere thought young one; In the warp there is a power that not even an Astartes can truly contend with. Remember that single fact; Or by ‘their’ Dark powers and manipulations shall it be your very undoing, and worse yet, that of your fellow battle brothers.”

Adaric is Known to have an existing relationship with Deathwatch Captain Tobias Gauron of the storm warderns whom Adaric served with as a member of a kill team while both Adaric and Gauron were both battle brothers (note: Adaric was apprenticed to a senior librarian named ++CLASSIFIED++ at the time; said librarian Lead his kill team); The kill-Team on which both brothers served, functioned as a Combat unit until it suffered grievous losses on ++CLASSIFIED++. The Kill Team was acting on information it had gathered on a ++CLASSIFIED++ under the orders of Inquisitor ++CLASSIFIED++ 9 Terran standard Years ago. Tobias Guaron, only a Tactical Battle Brother at the time, and Adaric, now a fully fledged Codicier at the time of the battle, survived the encounter.

Adaric Fuegelin

I am a monument to all your sins... Culln