Tobias Gauron

Deathwatch Captain Tobias Gauron of the Storm Warderns Space Marine Chapter


Age: 198 Terran Standard
Duration of deathwatch tenure: PERMANENT; Elected to become a full member of the deathwatch, 30 standard years prior to current Imperial Date.
Astartes Chapter of Origin: Storm Wardens
Eye Colour:
EXP Rank: 6 (35,000 – 39,999)
Class: Assault Marine / Deathwatch Captain
Personal wargear of Note:
Deathwatch Relic Blade ‘Valtair’ Recovered from the Fallen body of Gaurons previous Kill Team Captain, Captain ++Classified++, During a Tyranid Insurrection & Hive fleet ++Classified++ Incursion on ++Classified++ , The blade was retained by the Deathwatch armory until Gifted to him upon his ascension to Deathwatch Battle Captain 20 Standard years ago.


Tobias Gauron

I am a monument to all your sins... Culln