I am a monument to all your sins...

Week 1
Week 1 - Character Creation madness!

The Player Character’s met aboard the ‘Mercyless Faith’, A storm warden’s Strike cruiser, for the first time this week; and almost instantly set about challenging each other to Duel’s.
Fenrik of the Space Wolves (DJ) & ‘?’ of the Black Templars (Hammond) Were the first to fight; The two fought in full Armour with only training weapons, The winner being the first person to 10 hits. The Fight was a close one, with the two of them landing blow for blow until a pair of costly misses saw Fenrik (DJ) loose the duel to ‘?’ Hammond, 8 Blows to 10!
Next in line were Raghnal of the storm warderns (Tim) & Oda of the Iron Cobras (Clarke). The two fought a different kind of duel, as Raghnal challenged Oda to a duel following the Storm wardens traditions of ritual ‘Honor Duels’, usually fought to the death. Instead both fought devoid of power armour and with only combat blades; the first to draw blood would be declared the winner.
Raghnal won the duel handily in the first blow; as Oda over extended himself striking thin air, Raghnal sized the opportunity and cut his Combat blade across Oda’s Left leg, Ending the duel in Raghnals Favor.
After this, the Kill-Team began to bond as a unit; the First Steps on the road to Iron Strong Bonds of brotherhood were sown as Each Battle brother told the others a little of his past and pleasantries exchanged.
Good or bad; A beginning is still a beginning, the first step on the road to all that comes after.

Afterwards, Each was approached in the days that followed aboard the ‘Faith’ by an Astartes Called Tobais Gauron; To be exact, Deathwatch Captain Tobias Gauron of the storm wardens.
It was later that same day, after all had been told to report to the ward room in the Faith’s sealed Crew Deck, that the kill-teams mission was made clear to them; as were certain, Complications.
The Kill-Team under Orders from the ‘Chamber of Vigilance’, Deathwatch Command Located at Watch Fortress Erioch, Captain Gauron and his newly Formed, hand picked Kill-Team were to Board and recon a ‘Suspicuos’ drifting Space Hulk.
It’s name, was the ‘Sin Of The Fallen’

The Sin of the Fallen; Last seen Almost 10 Years ago by Imperial Forces, Was Last seen commencing an emergency warp jump after being ambushed by a Rouge Trader Vessel, the ‘In Valorous Ascent’, during a Fleet battle near the planet of ‘Hades’ in the Calixus sector.
The ‘Chamber of Vigilance’ has since been informed by the Calixus Inquisitorial enclave that one of their inquisitors was on-board, along with his personal entourage & retinue.

So; the Kill Team’s mission appeared to be two-Fold. Board the ‘Sin’ and either locate and rescue this Inquisitor & any surviving members of his retinue OR (more likely) discover their eventual fate.
In Addition, the Kill-Team was tasked with Downloading a copy of the Ships cogitator Core and navigation Logs.
It was at this point that things were complicated by the revelation that all aboard the ‘Sin’, was not as it seemed.
Deathwatch Epistolary Librarian Adaric Fuegelin of the Exorcists was introduced; With him, he brought word that an unseen enemy lurked aboard the ‘Sin’, A foe that if left unchecked; would Burn many worlds before It could be stopped.
Librarian Fuegelin was going with Captain Gauron and the Kill-Team; On this he would Brooke no argument on the matter.

A short time later; after the Kill-Team had made itself read for the coming mission; the ‘Mercyless Faith’ Was vomited forth from the plane of existence known as the ‘Warp’ and re-entered Real-Space.
Those aboard the ‘Faith’ saw the Hulk for the First time; More importantly however, They saw the Three unidentified silhouettes hanging just below the ‘Sin’. They watched them turn and Attack without warning.
Before the Kill-Team and the Crew of the ‘Faith’ knew what was happening, they were besieged by a foe three times their number. Tau; Castellion Class Heavy cruisers, three of them attacked the ‘Faith’ at once; knocking the ‘Faiths’ Warp Drive off line and almost crippling her before she could strike back.
In the space around the ensuing battle; the remain of the Imperial navy patrol floated ominously, four Dauntless light cruisers strew across the stars hundreds of Kilometers away watched with soulless metal eyes as another almost joined their number.

The Kill-Team, aboard the ‘Faith’, Elected to make use of the Boarding torpedo’s rather than risk using the teleportarium to get across the void and board the ‘Sin’.
What greeted them as they ran into the Gun decks to board their torpedo; was Silas Kalmir, Capatin of the Faith. He entrusted Deathwatch Captain Gauron with thirty of his battle brothers; stating that if the Tau were here and had destroyed the navy patrol, then the Tau would have had plenty of time to board and infest the ‘Sin’ in addition to the horrors that already lurked aboard.
So it was that all Four Boarding torpedo’s were launched; One not making it’s journey across the void and three burrowed their way into the ‘Sin’ and disgorged their Lethal cargo’s.
During the rush to get abroad the ‘Sin’ amid the ongoing Space battle, The three surviving boarding torpedoes had become separated, long since strayed from their original boarding points.
As the kill-Team spread out around their initial breaching point, Fuegelin sensed the other battle brothers for a moment and then they were gone, as if wiped from existence. When questioned on the matter the librarian could not answer, merely stating “That the Vail between world here is thin, dangerously so.”
The Kill-team suddenly heard Astartes Bolter fire over the Vox broken up by bursts of static, A storm warden on the other end of the line attempted to speak but his voice was rendered unintelligible by distortion and static. A moment later the message ceased, and Librarian fuegelin reported that he felt their life force for a brief moment, and then felt it dissapear as if it had been snuffed out.
The Kill-Team was not left with much time to think about this strange occurrence however, as Gunfire echoed down the Ships corridor towards them. Forcing Blast doors open in haste to find the source of the gunfire, The Kill-Team Discovered one of the two surviving Tactical squads; Dead.

They had been killed, their bodies cleanly cut, but an opponent that could seemingly attack from all angles. Bolter Fire damage littered the area around the fallen, as they tried to fight off their opponents the Tactical marines must have turned and fired, even as their brothers were cut down around them.
In the end all that was left for the Kill-Team to do was harvest the fallens Gene-seed; Which Brother Santiago of the Angels Encarmine (Petey) saw to dutifully, informing Raghnal (Tim) that should he not be able to, he would entrust the Harvested Gene-Seed to Raghnal to return to his chapter.
Librarain Fuegelin, Kneeling down and using his Psychic powers only briefly lest he endanger himself; could only read the last few moment’s & feelings from a Fallen brothers Mind. All that seemed to concern the battle brother in his final moments were Anguish and frustration at whatever he and his brothers were trying to kill.

DEATHWATCH Chapter 1: ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Week 1 End Point


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